Fire safety and extinguishing systems works are performed by a specialized Blues Yachting associate: Poyraz Fire Extinguishing and Security Systems.

In order to fulfill your boat’s fire safety requirements, consultancy and project services shall be performed in compliance with the standards.

Exploration and concentration calculations are performed before installing an extinguishing system to determine the most appropriate system for the boat. As an undersized system won’t be efficient, an oversized system might cause unnecessary expenses. Ultrasonic test, maintenance and refill needs of installed systems in classified-unclassified boats shall also be carried out according to the authorized service procedures.

Regarding automatic extinguishing systems, Poyraz Fire Extinguishing and Security Systems is the authorized seller and service of FIREBOY-XINTEX extinguishing systems. The company works with ARTI Marine company for selling, planning and installation of SEA-FIRE Marine products. Additionally, the company successfully completed tens of boats’ installations of CO2-gas full/semi-automatic or manually activated extinguishing systems, fire detection and alarm systems, CCTV camera and security alarms.

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