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Our Principles

Since its foundation over two decades ago, for both the company’s and its associates’ business areas, Blues Yachting served under the notion that business ethics and professionalism form an inseparable whole. Identifying sustainability as the key word at every stage, Blues Yachting determined business principles and values on this basis, contributing to the development of local economy and culture of the region it is located in.

Fundamental principles of Blues Yachting are;

  • to improve business culture, reputation and ideals,
  • to value customer satisfaction above all,
  • to be open to change and improvement; to be a leader in innovations rather than a follower,
  • to have confidence and enthusiasm about becoming the best in the area,
  • to work truthfully with a superior business ethics,
  • to emphasize that human resources is our most important capital,
  • to acknowledge sustainability as the main goal at every stage of our business,
  • to participate in and contribute to social progress locally.


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